Agape Community Development Cooperation

The Agape Community Development Cooperation provides charitable services to the residents of Westchester County and abroad. We do this by holding forums, advocating for the homeless, acknowledging acts of injustice and quality of life issues, and other community activities to address collective issues across our community.

What We’re About

Our top priority is to provide a haven that will sponsor the construction of affordable housing, youth activities, space for community projects, and function as an advocate for the least and unlikely.

FWC Agape CDC strives to assist ALL PEOPLE in offering the following programs;
  • Food Panty

  • Clothes distribution

  • Tutorial services

  • Catering services

  • Senior Housing “MAC at Friendship Garden” (pending)

  • Summer enrichment program

  • FWC Culinary School

  • Afterschool program

  • Community forums

  • Music School

  • Children Day Care

  • Adult Day Care

Agape Catering

Through Agape Catering, we provide a rental space with food service for celebrating birthdays, banquets, receptions, meetings, and other gatherings in a Christian atmosphere. All catering is done on the premises with qualified cooks.


Our banquet facility has both small and large rooms. Our small chapel can accommodate 100 people, while our main sanctuary can accommodate up to 400 people. For even larger events, our removable petition allows us to seat an additional 800 for a total of 1200 seats. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your next event, we are ready to accommodate you.