Baby Dedications

As parents of a new baby, you are invited to participate in the Baby Dedication Service. This is a special time of confirming your commitment to raise your child in a Christian home.

Baby Dedication services are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month, during the regular 10:00 am worship service. To participate in a Baby Dedication service, contact the Church office. Our office will provide the family with the details regarding this sacred service. If the parent(s) has chosen a special person to act as a type of God-parent, we encourage this person to join the parent(s) when they make their solemn promise.

What To Expect

During the dedication, we’ll walk through the following dedications: 

  1. An introduction explaining that childhood is a continuing revelation of the ongoing purposes of God to demonstrate His love for humankind.

  2. The making of a solemn promise as parent(s) and as a Church that – as far as is possible – we will work together to help bring up this child in ways that please the Lord and bless the family.

  3. Take the child and pronounce God’s blessing upon him/her – much like the Lord Jesus did when He was here on earth.